We welcome our web site visitors, those who are interested in photography and in the same time in archaeology.

The main goal of the creation of this small-scale resource is to publish selected photographs from the large collection of glass negatives in possession of the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos. As it often happens, this modest task has developed into something more important. Here, you will find digitalized old photos side by side with the story of the collection itself, the program for saving this collection, as well as historical essay on the first steps in photo fixing of the excavations in Chersonesos and brief information concerning the technology of making negatives on glass.

The excavations of Tauric Chersonesos have been being done annually since 1888 by the Imperial Archaeological Commission. They supplied the scholars and educated audience with a greatest deal of ancient monuments. The best finds took their place in the museum collections, though their images and photographs appeared in specialized and popular editions. This was how the masterpieces of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine art from Chersonesos became well-known all over the world. Now it is time to make the photographic artworks that imprinted these artefacts known to the public.

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